Monday, January 10, 2005

Political persecution

Todays events with the Venezuelan government police (DISIP) raiding various ex-PDVSA executive houses continues to show the political persecution of the Chavez regime. About 2 or 3 weeks ago the Venezuelan government issued a detention order against many of the former executives, one of which is my great-aunt. Fortunately she is safe however her husband and children may not be. This is most evident by harassment our family was subjected to last week. My aunts sister in law received a phone call last week from apparently the bank (Banco Mercantil) during this phone call the woman from the bank asked to speak to my aunt. She was told she was not there (since this is not her residence). The woman from the bank preceded to say that it was important since they had noticed that her credit card had received an unusual amount of activity, and that she needed to speak to her and ask to be given a number where my great aunt can be contacted. My great-aunts sister in law then responded by saying she isn't there and doesn't know where she is.

This may seem harmless phone call from the bank but considering she has a detention order against her. Plus if it were really the bank, and her credit card did have over activity, and they were concerned they would simply inactivate the card. Also they wouldn't be calling a non-blood relative that has never lived with my great-aunt.