Saturday, January 22, 2005

Simon says

What is the difference between Chavistas and non-Chavista mentality (there are actually many)?

If Chavez says to jump off a bridge the Chavistas say "ok, which one" because "El Supremo" says to. Whereas non-Chavistas simply "no seas pendejo salta tu primero" F-you why don't you jump first.

Do you see what the problem is? We have a free mind and Chavez can't stand it. This is why Chavismo is doomed to fail, no decisons can take place with out Chavez making them and giving the ok. This is called micromanagement and it doesn't work! It was a problem pre-Chavez (COPEI and AD) presedencies, although decentralization was taking place in the 1990's. However under Chavez we have reversed course. Now all decisions, down to how many chickens Juanita gets in here little town in Amazonas are made in Mirafloress. Does this really sound like an efficiente way to govern a country? of course not, but Chavistas have there own logic and efficency.

Inefficiency is why Chavismo will fail one way or another.