Sunday, May 22, 2005

Nuclear energy and Posada Carriles

So today Chavez anounced that he wants to investigate nuclear energy (bomb?), and he stated that he will review the Venezuelan relationship with the USA over the Posada Carriles case.

First - Venezuela has no need for nuclear energy, 75% of it's energy needs come from hydroelectricity. There are currently two projects underway to increase this number the "Caruachi" and "Tocoma" projects. The "Caruachi" project is scheduled to be completed in 2006 and will produce 2, 280 MW. the "Tocoma" project is scheduled to be completed in 2010 and will produce 2,160 MW. By the way Venezuela actually exports energy to Brazil (Boa Vista) and Colombia, so what is the need for nuclear energy? Oh ya Venezuela also has oil.

On a related topic, at hydroelectric company EDELCA there appears to be some infighting among the EDELCA executive (an ex-military official, appointed by Chavez) and the heads of the Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (also Chavez appointed). Oh the revolution.

Second - Today Chavez announced that he is considering reviewing the relations with the USA over Posada Carriles. While Chavez is right to some degree in asking to extradite Carriles, if he is, he will not have a fair trial in Venezuela. Especially after Venezuela and Cuba signed an agreement in December (22?) of 2004 giving both countries judicial precedent in each others countries. This includes Cuban police detaining Venezuelan or Cuban citizens in Venezuela and being tried in Cuba under Cuban laws. So were is the sovereignty Chavez talks about. So what is the US to do? My suggestion would for the US to send Carriles to an international court of law (ie. the Hague). This shows the US is committed about fighting terrorism and gives Carriles the best chance to a fair trial. It will also improve the US image in the Americas and in Venezuela and likely debilitate Chavez's image at home and abroad. So my suggestion is to the US give Carriles to an international court of law before it is to late!

As a side note Chavez is likely making a big deal abou the Carriles case since so many cases of corruption have been exposed in his governemnt and PDVSA is not doing very well. So what do you do? Simply change the subject to something that gives you the upper hand (ie. asking to extradite Posada Carriles to Venezuela).