Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Venezuela: connecting the propaganda dots

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For those of you who have found the Venezuelan government propaganda connection confusing, I have decided to post this rather simple diagram. The diagram is some what limited to the connections of Mark Weisbrot but does encompass some of the most notorious propagandists.

If I am missing any please let me know, I will be happy to update it.

The most recent PSF connection

In 2006 Mark Weisbrot published two related papers titled: "The scorecard on development: 25 years of diminished progress" and "Poverty rates in Venezuela: getting the numbers right"

Both papers were published in International Journal of Health Services

It's Aim and Scope is:
"The Journal contains articles on health and social policy, political economy and sociology, history and philosophy, ethics and law in the areas of health and health care...."

The journals editor is: Vicente Navarro

Curiously, the editor of said publication is also on the board of "Just Foreign Policy" "an independent and non-partisan mass membership organization dedicated to reforming U.S. foreign policy..."

This organization is headed by non other than Mark Weisbrot and Dean Baker the co-directors and founders of Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington D.C.

For a more comprehensive list of individuals who have shown significant favor for the Venezuelan government I encourage you to visit this link (click here). For those interested in reading the papers you can email me (see side bar for email).

On a related topic the same journal has a third paper titled:

"Venezuela's Barrio Adentro: An Alternative to Neoliberalism in Health Care"

This is what I found about it's authors:

The two main authors work for the Venezuelan government
Francisco Armada works in the Ministerio de la Salud y Bienestar Social in Venezuela. Carlos Mutaner teaches at the University of Maryland at Baltimore. They can be reached at: farmada@cantv.net

Carles Muntaner MD, PhD is a social epidemiologist at the University of Maryland, US. He is currently a health policy advisor to the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Both individuals have written articles for Venezuelanalysis (Venezuelan government news site) and Znet.com among others.

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