Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What if the world could vote?

The Economist has been running a poll, its not scientific and only open to subscribers so you know it's biased towards the pointy headed elitists of the world :) .

It's pretty evident that Obama wins hands down, the only countries where McCain show's strength is Georgia (winning), Macedonia (winning), and Slovakia (Obama up slightly).

The vote breakdown in Latin America is rather interesting McCain and Obama run the closest in El Salvador (48% to 52%), I'm unsure how to explain this considering Obama has such a strong lead in the rest of America.

Venezuela and Colombia show the smallest difference (besides El Salvador) McCain (~37%), Obama (~62%). My feeling is that there is a fear that Obama might not support Colombia militarily or with free trade as a McCain presidency might. As for Venezuelans I think there is fear that Obama is the Chavez of the north. Most other countries support Obama by about 70-80%.

Click here for a more up to date map

Read into it as much as you want, I just found it fun.